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About Dar El Chimal

Dar El Chimal was established BACK in 1950 by Mr. Issam El Rahouli, the father of Nasser, Bashir, Bassam, Fouad, and Nabil.

It has started as a publishing house in the old souk in Tripoli-LEBANON for educational, literature, and scientific books knowing that it was one of the very few publishing houses in the country back then.

Dar El Chimal experienced a remarkable prosperity in the 1960’s& 1970’s which contributed significantly to become one of the top publishing houses in the MENA region for decades.

In the early 80’s, the 5 brothers continued their father’s business activities with their vision& mission to set new business strategy management to co-op with the market changes. As time passed by, Dar El Chimal changed from being only as a publishing houseto a huge retailer& wholesaler of books, school supplies, stationery, school furniture, copy center, art& craft, and educational toys.

During the past 2 decades, Dar El Chimal has been on the top of the country’s wholesaler& retailer in the education market. Nowadays, the company’s operation consists of 3 retails showrooms located in North Lebanon and one in the Gulf Region in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; and a distribution channel as wholesaler all over Lebanon.

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